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Sometime you may want to delete some GB WhatsApp messages to make your online chats stay organized or get more storage space , or hide some secretive chats.

But this is not the only way can do that. Do you know How to Unarchive or Archive chat in GB WhatsApp. If Yes, you can try to use “Archive” or “Unarchive” function to achieve that, or even it can help you to keep some messages which you actually need to keep for future use. If no, then keep going on, the following paragraph will tell you how to do it.

Before Archiving, you need to know that:

  • Archiving doesn’t delete the chat on your Chats screen or back the messages up to your SD card.
  • The chats what you choose to Archive will keep Archiving new messages.
  • You will not receive the Message prompt unless someone mentioned you or replay you.

How to do (Operation steps):

  • How to Archive GB WhatsApp chat?
  • Launch the GB WhatsApp and find the Chats what you want to Archive.
  • Tap and hold the chat and the menu will appear
  • Tap on Archive icon
  • The chat have been Archived.

How to Archive all chats on Wpp GB (GB WhatsApp) chat?

  • Long-press on one chats what you want to Archive first.
  • Until the green arrow appear then you can loosen.
  • Tap all the others chats what you want to Archive.
  • Tap on Archive icon which is at the top of the screen.
  • All the chats have been Archived now.

How to Unarchive Wpp GB (GB WhatsApp) chat?

  • Launch the GB WhatsApp.
  • Scroll to the top of the CHATS  screen.
  • Tab Archive button.
  • Click the Chats what you do not want to Unarchive one by one.
  • Tap Unarchive when prompted (which maybe at the top of the screen).
  • The chat have been Unarchived now.

Where can you find Archived chats on Wpp GB (GB WhatsApp)?

  • Open the CHATS screen.
  • Tap Archive button.
  • The chats which you have Archived in the past should be there.

Learning how to Unarchive or Archive chat in GB WhatsApp can help you manage your interactions better. Archive is a good choice for someone who want to hide in the group but do not want to quit or miss the messages that mention him. All the information about Unarchive or Archive chat in GB WhatsApp have been explaining in this article, and you can try to do it now.

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